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ultra sonic sensor PGS

Our ultrasonic sensor design delivers long-range visibility for optimal detection and accuracy like no other

Cost-effective PGS system delivering maximum reliability and accuracy, lower installation cost, and easy maintenance.

Ultrasonic Sensors: Our sensors with built in LED lights are installed at each parking space to detect the presence of vehicles. They provide real-time data on parking space availability, ensuring accurate information for drivers.

LED Sign Boards: LED sign boards located at the entrance and within the facility display real-time parking availability data. This allows drivers to quickly identify available parking spaces, improving the efficiency of the parking process.

Built-in LED Lights: The sensors feature built-in LED lights for long-range visibility, enhancing visibility for drivers even in low-light conditions.

Fast Processing Software: The software responsible for processing sensor data operates with high speed, ensuring rapid updates to parking availability information. This contributes to faster and more straightforward parking experiences for users.

H-Counter TIS, Inc.

© Tis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

H-Counter TIS, Inc.

© Tis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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