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TIS makes parking easy by helping people conveniently find parking spaces through a mix of innovative and patented technologies.

At TIS, we proudly introduced the pioneering concept of Parking Guidance Systems, revolutionizing the parking experience. Explore our range of parking solutions and experience the future of parking innovation.

TIS Parking Guidance System Solutions

Ultrasonic Sensor PGS

Our sensors with built in LED lights are installed at each parking space to detect the presence of vehicles. They provide real-time data on parking space availability, ensuring accurate information for drivers.

Camera Sensor PGS

LannerViewer, our camera sensor PGS, accurately detects stall vacancy by our proprietary AI-driven object detection technology. Ideal for exposed outdoor lots or tall indoor structures without the use of hard-to-install floor magnetic & infrared sensors, making installation easier & faster.  

License Plate Recognition PGS

Lanner Eye, our proprietary AI driven License Plate Recognition PGS engine, learns and continuously improves recognition rates up to 99.9%, reads multiple license plates, and does not require loop sensors. Over time, it promises up to 99.9% accuracy and faster processing time. 

TIS Parking Control Access System

Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS)


Highly Reliable, Realtime Parking Availability Counter

System Control Software and Smartphone App

POMS (Parking operations Management SOFTWARE)

POMS is a specialized software solution designed to efficiently consolidate and manage parking data. It provides parking operators with easy-to-navigate real-time data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize parking operations.

Smartphone App

The TIS Smart Phone Application increases efficiency, convenience, and ROI with real-time data for parking operators. Users can prview parking availability before arriving at parking locations.

Satisfied Customers

“I can’t tell you how happy we are with the job TIS has done. The garage looks amazing and everything is easier because of your system. You have an amazing team of people and we are all really proud to be working with you.”

Nigel Bullers

CEO, Easy Park

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Experience the TIS advantage

What is PGS?

PGS or Parking Guidance System is an integrated communication network system implemented in parking facilities to assist the public in locating parking spots. Overall, TIS, Inc. and this technology increases efficiency, decreases pollution, and ultimately increases profits.

Featured Customer Installation

Earlier in 2019, we finished our first PGS installation outside Asia at the iconic Pacific Centre in Vancouver, BC. Accordingly, this large urban shopping mall is in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown business district. It is also connected to the Four Seasons Hotel and receives more than 22 million visitors every year. Lastly, it is a major transportation hub for Vancouver’s elevated rail systems, bus lines, and the nearby Granville and Vancouver Central stations.

TIS, Inc. – The Leader in PGS Technology

Since 1999, TIS, Inc. has become the industry leader in innovation, design, and deployments of PGS technology. Many TIS customers ultimately return to have systems installed at other properties. For example, four major retailers installed a combined total of 306 TIS Parking Guidance Systems at their parking garages since 2005. Undeniably, customers rely on TIS for superior performance, reliability, service, and, most importantly, for the rapid ROI (Return On Investment).

Automated Parking Guidance System


Sensors at each parking space in any case detect vehicles entering and exiting. Then, programmed health and welfare checks automatically test sensors for accuracy, and our proprietary, self-adjusting algorithm ensures an over 99% rate in sustained accuracy.

Automated Parking Guidance System

Processing Speed

After sensing a vehicle entering or leaving a parking spot, the data is transmitted to the controlling software. LED signboards and the Parking Operations Management System update in an average time of 3.5 seconds, increasing operational efficiency.

Automated Parking Guidance System


TIS, Inc. makes customer service a top priority and we are proud of our team of high-quality customer service representatives. Our global team of service representatives assures that we will maintain the highest levels of quality, accuracy, speed, and reliability in the industry.

TIS Traffic Intelligent System Benefits

TIS benefits can be broken down into three categories: Drivers, Managers, and the Environment. Altogether, all three stand to benefit greatly from the PGS system as detailed below, but we are also well on our way to creating not only better, but smarter cities.


  • Reduces time wasted looking for spaces.
  • Improves customer experience.
  • Wasted fuel and emissions are reduced.


  • Increased revenue and improve customer loyalty.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Valuable current and historical analytics.
  • Property value is increased.


  • Decreases congestion and carbon monoxide gases.
  • Less wear-and-tear on ventilation system.
  • Overall facility cleanliness is improved.

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