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TIS, Inc introduces a reliable vehicle counting system for parking garages and surface lots, created to make vehicle inventory management a breeze.

H-COUNTER is a highly reliable system using a combination of ultrasonic and magnetometer sensors to count vehicles entering and exiting parking facilities and surface lots with the highest level of accuracy.

The system contains a parallel processing counting algorithm that accounts for common situations seen at busy parking facilities such as bumper-to-bumper traffic on entry and exit, vehicles backing up, and vehicles drifting back-and-forth.

One of the unique features of the H-Counter is its ability to detect the leading-edge of an on-coming vehicle and holding the signal until it detects the trailing edge of the vehicle, which is essential for accuracy. The system is also easily configured for uni-directional or bi-directional operation.

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Conventional vehicle counters

Conventional car counters use inductive loops or photoelectric sensors with a simple sequential detection algorithm, but neither method is accurate or reliable.

Photoelectric Sensors, also known as Infrared (IR) sensors, accuracy ranges from a high of 95% when new and operating in ideal conditions, down to less than than 60% when operating in direct sunlight. Photoelectric sensors have a limited lifespan and their performance decreases over time.

Inductive Loops have a maximum accuracy is 98% but accuracy could drop below 40% when vehicles are close together on entry and exit. Inductive loops are also labor-intensive to install and maintain, can cause damage to surfaces, are vulnerable to temperature changes, and cannot be installed in steel parking garages or in unpaved lots.

Neither photoelectric nor inductive loop sensors are effective at detecting the leading edge of an approaching vehicle nor are they effective at maintaining the signal until the vehicle completely passes the sensor. Their simple sequential algorithms cannot cover all the different situations that are common in the real-world of parking operations.

Photoelectric Sensor

Photoelectric Sensor

Inductive Loop Sensor

Using H-Counter

H-Counter is field-tested to have an accuracy rate of 98% or more! Vehicles have variety of shapes and height, but H-Counter will accurately detect the leading edge of an approaching vehicle and hold the signal until it detects when the end of the vehicle has passed. This method makes it possible to detect the exact beginning and end of each vehicle regardless of traffic conditions.

H-Counter is embedded with several digital filters that analyze vehicle dynamics and characteristics, allowing for its high accuracy rate and can easily be installed at garage entrances and exit gates, rooftops, aisles, used as a floor/level counter, and at surface lots. it also comes integrated with LED signs, mobile apps, and operations management software.

Photoelectric Sensor

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