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TIS Signage systems help parkers navigate garages easily and intuitively

LannerView utilizes an AI-typed image analytics engine to identify parked vehicles from images acquired by conventional CCTV cameras, enabling the implementation of a parking guidance system without additional physical sensors as well as providing surveillance and security which are the basic functions of CCTV camera

tis offers off-the-shelf customizable, retrofitable and custom signage

TIS Signage products help parkers navigate parking garages easily and intuitively.

The basic company policy is to provide customized wayfinding signages used for PGS to customers; TIS proposes standard designed signages for each parking lot environment, and then modifies the signages to accommodate the requests of parking lot operators. All wayfinding signages are supplied in the form desired by customers by combining the following two basic components.

A variety of signage to accomodate multiple requiremtnts inddos and out.

LGP typed signage (Light Guide Plate or backlit) A guide plate with static text printed and attached to the LED LGP.Full Dot Matrix LED modules (SMD LED 3in1 dot): Appropriate LED modules in size and brightness are used to show parking information to drivers with optimal conditions in the parking lot environment.Signage can be equipped with a photo sensor automatically adjusting the brightness of the LED module according to the surrounding brightness or can be set to adjust the brightness according to the time schedule.

TIS signage is managed through it’s POMS system, gigine operations maximum flexibility in managing signage

All parking information on signage is managed through POMS on the server, and parking operator can check the information on the electronic signboard in real time through POMS, internet web or mobile app. Through POMS, you can check the normal operating status, and in case of a malfunction, the fault conditions are notified to the manager by text or e-mail.



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