What is

To put it simply, PGS is an integrated communication network system implemented in parking facilities to assist the public in locating parking spots. This technology increases efficiency, decreases pollution, and ultimately increases profits.

The future of parking is now and TIS is playing a big role in defining what is next in PGS including mobile applications and technilogical advances in parking solutions.

Presently, PGS sensors at each parking space detect a vehicle’s presence, transmitting the real time data to LED signboards within the facility by way of patented controlling software technology. What makes the system so easy for drivers to utilize are the embedded LED lights (Red/Green/Blue) in the PGS sensors, helping them identify available spots from a far distance. Basically, there is no more guess work! Drivers can easily make their way to the empty spot while continuing with their day in seconds.

Whys is PGS Important?

Presently, PGS supports a society where we’re certainly trying to save time in order to accomplish something else. Also, with convenience being a trend that’s always in style, the PGS system is the perfect marriage of the two.


Ultrasonic sensors at each parking space detect vehicles and specially transmit the real time data to LED signboards within the parking facility. This additionally allows PGS Technology by TIS, Inc. to be over 99% accurate, saving time and money.

Processing Speed

After sensing a vehicle’s presence in a parking spot, the data is transmitted to the controlling software in less than 5 seconds – 3.5 seconds to be exact! The info is then reflected in real-time across the facility, increasing overall efficiency.


Above all, TIS, Inc. has made customer service a top priority and is proud of the team of high-quality customer service representatives. This obviously has allowed them to achieve over 99% accuracy with all of their PGS systems – making them one of the industry’s best.


Parking Operation Management Software (POMS)

Firstly, the controlling software that runs the PGS system is knows as POMS. Generally, it’s responsible for PGS’ 99% accuracy, increasing a facilities revenue by decreasing a patron’s parking time. For example, the less time a person spends parking their vehicle at the mall, the more they will shop!

Another benefit of the PGS technology is its contribution to local municipalities by relieving adjacent traffic congestion and pollution. Furthermore, the less time a patron spends parking, the less their vehicle is on the road producing toxic emissions.

POMS Screenshots

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Firstly, faster and easier parking.
  2. Stress Reduction: Finding an empty parking space reduces parking time.
  3. Traffic Improvement: Noticeable reduction of congestion in parking lots and also its surroundings due to reduced parking time.
  4. Increased Revenue: POMS reduces parking time and increases productivity.
  5. Effective and Flexible Operation: Real-time analysis and history of parking through POMS with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually reports.
  6. Eco-Friendly System: A decrease in parking times decreases toxic emissions.
  7. Profitable Adjustment & Allocation: Easy to manage parking spaces through digital LED signage and also sensor lighting by POMS.
  8. Mobile Control: Mobile app and/or internet web service providing real-time information of parking lot structure through the cloud.
  9. Increase of Asset Value: Commercial property value increases with APGSimplementation.
  10. Optional Services: Lastly, alarm system for security and safety and VDI (Vehicle Damage Inspection) system for preventing false damage claims and law suits.

The 10 Benefits of PGS




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